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Water Well Checklist

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There are several reasons that water wells remain a timeless fixture that homeowners love.

According to data, 11% of Canadians use a private well as their primary water source. If you're considering installing a water well on your property, make sure you're aware of the benefits and steps you'll need to take to purchase a well.

These tips will help you as you go down your water well drilling checklist.

The Benefits of Well Drilling

It's no coincidence that the number of Canadians who exclusively use private wells as their main water source has remained steady for the past decade. Water wells bring plenty of benefits to owners, which you can also experience with an installation.

Well Water Is Clean and Healthy

If you want a freshwater supply that is free of chemicals, additives, and contaminants, installing a water well is your best bet. You'll get a virtually unlimited supply of clean water containing healthy minerals for your nutrition intake.

One of the benefits of well water is that a municipality or store doesn't control it, so you can stay hydrated without having to pay for it. Always test your well water to ensure it is free of contaminants and of the highest quality.

A Water Well Adds Character to Your Property

There's a reason why artwork has often featured a water well. It's an excellent piece for any landscape, and you can pull off whatever stylistic choices you prefer.

This character will make your backyard an oasis where you love spending time and unwinding.

It Can Increase Your Property Values

Make no mistake – a water well is an improvement to your property. It's the type of improvement that can increase your property values by enhancing curb appeal, uniqueness, and functionality.

You will have more equity in your property while also improving your quality of life.

Shop for a Water Well

Now that you understand the advantages, you must know how to shop for the best water well. Research professionals in your area that can help you drill for a well first to find the supply of groundwater on your property.

Shop around for the style of well that you prefer for your property. Do business with licensed and insured well drillers and get the agreement in writing before proceeding.

Ask the professionals about a water well repair and service plan for the new installation. This can include inspections, well water testing, maintenance, and more throughout the years.

Handle Your Water Well Drilling

These tips are helpful if you're considering water well drilling and need to know where to start. Now that you understand the benefits and how to shop for a water well, take the time to get the work done by reaching out to pros in your area.

Westar Drilling can assist you with all your water well services. To contact us, message us online or call (780) 449-6905.


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