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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Water Well Servicing in Sherwood Park and Central Alberta

Westar Drilling Ltd. realizes how important water is to your daily home or business routine. Constructing water wells in compliance with government standards, we drill for everything from private residences to commercial and industrial sites. We install the latest, most efficient wells that will save your family or business money. Westar offers a large variety of services for residential and commercial sectors, including:

Water Wells

  • Wells Constructed to Above Government Standards & Regulations

    • 5” to 24” Diameter

    • Casing – PVC; Steel

    • Screening – Machined PVC; Stainless Steel Sandscreens

  • Water Well Repair and Service

  • Water Well Inspections for Homebuyers

  • Flow and Recovery Testing

  • Backhoe Services

  • Consulting Services 

  • Domestic, Industrial, Municipal and Agricultural Water Wells

  • Water Well Tie In

  • PVC and Steel Casing

  • Machined PVC and Stainless Steel Sandscreens

Cistern and Septic

Pump Systems For Wells & Cisterns


To help you understand the guidelines and regulations that govern our work, we have provided the helpful links below:

Water Well Construction and Repair

Rely on us for construction of water wells in compliance with government standards.

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