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Westar Drilling Ltd. provides water filtration systems and services to improve the quality of water.

Complete Supply and Service of Water Filtration Systems in

Sherwood Park and Central Alberta

The water that comes through the taps or faucets in your home or office is likely to contain large amounts of heavy minerals and/or bacteria. Whether you’re using water to drink, bathe or wash with, it needs to be safe and clean. Installing the right kind of water filtration system is one of the best solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Westar Drilling Ltd. has been providing top-quality water filtration systems, whether you are using well water or city water, in Sherwood Park and throughout Central Alberta.

Come to us and we’ll help you pick the right water filtration system. You can also rely on us for quality water filtration system services to help you provide your family or employees with fresh, clean and purified water.

Why You Need to Install a Water Filtration System

How pure is the water you drink at home or office? This is, most often, not the question that runs in your mind whenever you head to the sink to fill up a glass. The water that is supplied to your home or office, whether it is from a well or city, may contain high levels of iron, sodium or other contaminants which can pose a risk to your health in the long run. Water filters remove these. They also give you better-tasting water and can save you money on bottled water.

Choosing the right type of water filter is as important as the decision to buy a filtration system. We have the experience needed to test, analyze and treat well water to provide you with the right filtration solution based on the level of contamination of your well water. For better results, it is recommended that you test your well water annually so that you choose the right water treatment system.

Contact Westar Drilling Ltd ., and our professionals will recommend the filter system that best suits your requirements. We provide a range of efficient water filtration systems in Sherwood Park that will provide you with clean and filtered water in your home and office.

For Safe and Clean Water

We provide water filtration systems and services to improve the quality of water.

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