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If you are looking to build or service a well, it is important to know basic information about water wells, pumps, and typical drilling methods. For water well education, informative articles, and water well maintenance tips, keep visiting Westar Drilling Ltd.’s blog page. Contact us to learn about our services.

  • Water Well
    Importance of Monitoring and Maintaining Your Water Well

    That's right: wells require maintenance. If you're used to your water being provided as a utility by the city, this might be a new concept for you.

    A well is not a utility service. It's an appliance. And, like all your appliances, it requires maintenance to function properly.

    More importantly, the consequences of neglecting this maintenance are quite severe. Your tap water could become unsafe for drinking.

    Or, you may end up with no tap water at all! Also, maintenance prevents the need for expensive water well repair.

    To learn all about the extreme importance of water well maintenance, please read through this guide.

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  • Water pipe
    Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Well Contractor

    If you are on the lookout for water well contractors for your next project or public works, making the right choice the first time around is absolutely essential. If you do not choose the best water well contractors available, the results can be catastrophic.

    Not only would you have to contend with the possibility of unsafe drinking water, but you may also be held responsible for any legal noncompliance, as well as potentially getting ripped off. Fortunately, we are here to help. Read on to find out everything you need to consider when choosing a water well contractor. 


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  • A person pumping water out of water well
    What You Need to Know About Your Water Well System Before Purchasing Your Property

    There are 3 million people in Canada that use water wells. Even with so many Canadians using a water well system as their primary source for water for their homes, it is not inspected frequently enough. Many times it is up to the owners of the property to do their own research and investigation for the water well system that they use. 

    Keep reading on to learn more about water well systems and the benefits of getting yours inspected. 


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  • Water dropping from the tap
    The Importance of Water Filtration Systems for Homes

    From transporting nutrients within the body to moisturizing our skin to flushing out toxins, there's a reason why medical professionals tell people to hit the daily water intake amount. What's not talked about as often is how harmful unfiltered water can be. 

    Water filtration systems can filter the water to climate harmful elements in your water so you can safely use the water to cook, drink, shower, wash your hands, etc. To learn more about why you should consider investing infiltration system for your home, keep on reading. 


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  • 30/10/2019
    Common Problems With Wells

    Out-of-service wells may pose potential safety hazards and threats to ground water if not treated properly. There are some common issues that homeowners often face. They are as follows:

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  • 29/10/2019
    How to Maintain Your Water Well?

    Lack of routine maintenance can lead to a change in water quality. It is recommended to have your water tested yearly if you find there’s been a change in taste or smell. It’s also good to have your well shock chlorinated, used to control bacteria. If this is not done, it may reduce your well yield, restrict the water flow, and cause plugging within the equipment. 

    Water filtration systems are available at Westar Drilling Ltd in Sherwood Park to ensure the water you collect is safe to drink.

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  • Water Well Drilling

    Water wells are considered a great investment for our society. They supply water for residential, industrial and irrigation purposes. An effective monitoring program will identify changes in water levels and water quality before they become serious problems. A drilled or bored well can last up to 30 years or more. When planning for water well drilling, we have got you covered. Put your search for finding a contractor to an end and let us complete your next project.

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  • 11/06/2019
    5 Things You Need to Know About Water Wells

    Are you thinking about having a water well drilled on your property or purchasing a property that has an existing well? Westar Drilling Ltd. offers water well services in Sherwood Park and the surrounding area. We want to make sure you've got all of the information you need to ensure that your well is safe and functional. Here are five things to know about water wells and water well drilling.

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