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Westar Drilling Ltd Performs Water Well Maintenance in Sherwood Park and Central Alberta

Westar Drilling Ltd provides well maintenance services across Central Alberta for a variety of different applications. Whether you are a residential, commercial, or industrial well client, we can make sure your well is in good working order. From well cleaning and power flush to acidizing and shock chlorination, we provide the services you need, administered by reliable technicians with years of experience to ensure the job is done right. Our team also specializes in water well services, water filtration systems, pump sales and service, cisterns and cisterns pumps.


All our services are done keeping your and our employees’ safety in mind. Contact Westar Drilling Ltd. for more information about water well maintenance in Sherwood Park. You can also check our blog page for informative insights!

It is essential to regularly inspect your water well to ensure water safety and check for any contaminants. Well maintenance helps keep a routine check of the following:


  • Mechanical problems

  • Cleanliness

  • Presence of pollutants, such as nitrates/nitrites, coliform bacteria, arsenic and radon

  • Change in taste, odour or appearance of the water causing illness

  • Harmful materials, such as fertilizer, paint, pesticides and motor oil

Why Hire a Professional?


When you require water well maintenance in Sherwood Park, it is best to turn to professionals like us. Firstly, working on water wells involves countless potential dangers. Not having the right know-how can lead to accidents and damage to your property. On top of that, a lack of caution can cause water well contamination. Lastly, working with seasoned water well contractors like us enables you to adhere to the relevant regulations. We have the required equipment to perform the job precisely using trusted techniques. Hiring an expert contractor can help you save time and money.


Please get in touch with us if you need water well maintenance in Sherwood Park or Central Alberta. You can view our gallery to learn more about how we have helped others in the past.

Why Do You Need Water Well Maintenance?

Well Reclamation and Maintenance

A healthy water well requires regular maintenance. Westar provides well clean-out, acidizing and shock chlorination treatment to sites throughout our servicing area.

Westar also offers a do-it-yourself chlorinating program.

Shock Chlorination Procedure

Do-it-yourself program available with Westar, or let Westar do it for you. Book your shock chlorination by contacting us .

Well Abandonments

When a well is no longer being used or maintained for future use, it is considered abandoned. Abandoned wells pose a severe threat to the preservation of groundwater quality. They are also a serious safety hazard for children and animals.

Wells that are no longer being used should be plugged. They are a serious public safety and environmental hazard.
As Per Agricultural and Rural Development – plugging abandoned wells.

Adding Value to Your Property

Our water well maintenance in Sherwood Park will help you get the most out of your water well.

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