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5 Signs Your Water Well Needs to be Repaired

A great advantage of owning a water well is that you can lessen your dependency on city water. However, your well may encounter issues that could end in no water supply when left unresolved. Do you know how to identify a problem and what to look for?


We created a list of potential issues to pay attention to your water well. These tips might help you lengthen the lifespan of your water well. Continue reading to learn more.


1. Issues With Water Pressure 

If your well is running well, it should release water at a steady flow. When you have a decrease in its regular flow rate or constant shifting, that's a warning your pump may be deteriorating.


However, it's important to note that your water pump isn't always the reason for water well problems. Underground water sources can get drained over time, resulting in a low water supply.


2. Rise in Electricity Use

A rise in electricity consumption may signify a problem with your water well pump. Worn-out or clogged pumps usually run harder than usual, requiring more power. Your water pump can work all day, and you may see a rise in energy costs when you have a mechanical failure.


3. Air Bubbles and Leakage

Air splutters from your faucets are an implication of leakages in the lines of your water system. Locating and repairing the leaks at once is necessary to have the water supply back on track and stop further water loss. Extreme demand on your aquifers can also happen in this issue, so you have to check the well water level. 


The stream of water within the faucet must be steady and even. If you notice your water is spewing out of the tap, call an expert to inspect if you need to repair the water well. 


4. Strange Smell and Taste

When there are strange smells or tastes in your water, the odds are there's damage that is causing contamination and corrosion of your water. You might even see or feel tiny grains of residues in your water. You may have to call water well services to check out these problems.


5. Unusual Noises

Water well issues manifest themselves in many forms, including noise. Like a humming motor, strange noises signify that your pump device isn't operating well. Likewise, your pipes indoors and the water pump outdoors must not create grinding noises. 


Something might have gone wrong with the water pump motor or the pump alone. Always check and verify with an expert if you need a repair or replace your water well.


Properly Maintain Your Water Well

Looking for these indications can help you mend any issues immediately. Although you can solve some problems on your own, it’s best to call in a professional if you want expert help. If you are looking for assistance in fixing any issues with your well water pump, contact Westar Drilling Ltd. We are the local experts for commercial and residual water well services in Central Alberta.


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