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Exploring the Top Drilling Contractors in Edmonton: What to Look For

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What do you do when you need a drilling contractor for your water well in Edmonton? Your first instinct might be to search online, but there are multiple businesses to choose from.

If you want to differentiate these companies, you need to know how to find the top drilling contractors in Edmonton. This guide has you covered.

Keep reading to learn what factors to look for in a contractor.


To choose the best drilling contractors in Edmonton, you need to consider their experience. A good background is a key element of a great professional.

An experienced contractor will be able to overcome obstacles, get the job done fast, and know exactly where to drill.

Water is present almost everywhere at some depth, but finding an adequate supply is difficult because of rock permeability.

A contractor with experience understands the different types of rocks in the ground and how they affect water flow.


The best drilling contractor is the best because of their training. The right drilling company will have the correct equipment and tools to manage a unique location.

The right company invests in adequate training for employees. They will also reinvest in continuous training for employees.

Always ask drilling companies about their training protocols.

If you want to improve water quality, consider contractors with experience with various water treatment methods.


To come up with a short list of options, ask people you know for recommendations. Water well drilling can get expensive, so you'll want the right contractor for the job.

Do thorough research and ask for references from different companies. Checking out online reviews and ratings of various contractors can help you narrow down your options.

You can look at Canada's Better Business Bureaus to help you decide on the right business.


Pricing of drilling services varies from company to company. When choosing water well services, you need to find something you can afford without losing quality.

Quality water well services don't have to break the bank. The right, well-drilling company will offer fair prices.

You can ask for project quotes from different companies. This will help you compare prices to find a service that fits your budget easily.

Open Communication

When dealing with any contractor, it's important to have open communication. The right person will answer all of your questions and put down any promises they make in writing.

You should feel comfortable discussing the details of your project with a contractor. If something feels off, seek out different services.

You and your contractor should be on the same page. Written contacts can help ensure that this is the case.

Hiring the Top Drilling Contractors in Edmonton

When you need to hire drilling contractors in Edmonton, you should always seek out the top options. Look for experience, training, cost-effectiveness, and open communication during your search.

At Westar Drilling, we have the experience and training necessary to handle your premier water well drilling needs.

After 35 years in the industry, we are committed to offering industry-standard levels of service and customer satisfaction.

We are the local experts you need for any of your water well services, including emergency services. Please fill out our form to discuss a quote.


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