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5 Things You Need to Know About Water Wells

Are you thinking about having a water well drilled on your property or purchasing a property that has an existing well? Westar Drilling Ltd. offers water well services in Sherwood Park and the surrounding area. We want to make sure you've got all of the information you need to ensure that your well is safe and functional. Here are five things to know about water wells and water well drilling.

Well location 

  • The site for water well drilling in Spruce Grove needs to be carefully considered in order to ensure well performance and safety. As per provincial regulations, water well locations must meet certain distance requirements, such as being clear of overhead power lines. A water well also needs to be located:

  • 10 feet (3.25 metres) from any existing buildings

  • 10 feet (6.1 metres) from a property line

  • 30 feet (10 metres) from a watertight septic tank

  • 50 feet (15 metres) from a septic drain field

  • 150 ft from a septic direct discharge

Well maintenance 

  • Protecting your water supply will require some maintenance. One of the easiest but most important tasks is to routinely take a water sample, which can help identify potential issues. While this is something a landowner can do themselves, other maintenance tasks should be left to Sherwood Park well maintenance technicians at Westar Drilling Ltd. A licensed technician will be able to perform important services such as well cleaning, power flushing, shock chlorination, and acidizing.

Water quality testing 

  • Well water should be tested when the well is initially drilled and on a regular basis afterwards to prevent any water-borne illnesses and catch changes in water quality. You can contact your local health unit for more information about having your water tested.

Finding a drilling and service company

  • You should not drill a water well yourself. In accordance with Alberta Environment & Parks guidelines, landowners must hire certified water well drillers for water well drilling in Whitecourt and throughout the province. We are an approved driller through the Alberta Environment & Parks.

Understanding drilling costs 

  • As you consider different well drilling companies, make sure you receive comprehensive written estimates. This will help you choose the right contractor and give you a better understanding of the costs involved. Costs can vary depending on certain factors, including how deep the well needs to be, how much water you need, the makeup of the ground, and the type of equipment used.

Your Source for Water Well Drilling in Whitecourt and Spruce Grove 

At Westar Drilling Ltd., we provide water well maintenance and water well drilling in Spruce Grove, Whitecourt, and the surrounding area for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We are fully registered with health and safety verification services, including ISNetworld® and Avetta. Our experienced technicians abide by all safety regulations and Westar Drilling Ltd. holds a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition certified through Energy Safety Canada.

For expert water well drilling and water well maintenance in the Sherwood Park area, don't hesitate to contact Westar Drilling Ltd. today.

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