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Environmental Drilling

Environmental Drilling for Edmonton and Central Alberta

When drilling is employed as a means to study what is under the surface, this is known as "environmental drilling." Environmental drilling can be used to investigate, remediate, and monitor subsurface conditions. Some of the most common tools of the trade are augers, mud and air rotaries, sonic drills, as well as many other types of drills.

Westar Drilling Ltd. provides environmental drilling to Edmonton and Central Alberta, areas that are not only rich in oil production, but also rely heavily on water wells and cisterns for drinking water and irrigation purposes.

Environmental drilling can be used to collect water and soil samples, install monitoring wells, and other efforts that help engineers determine the best use of a particular property.

How We Use Environmental Drilling in Edmonton and Central Alberta

Westar Drilling Ltd. serves the residential and commercial interests of Central Alberta. How we employ environmental drilling in Edmonton and other portions of Central Alberta is largely dependent on the goals of each client. After all, environmental drilling can be used for exploration, site monitoring, and site remediation purposes.

Some of the most common reasons our team employs environmental drilling include:

  • Soil surveys
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Piezometer installations
  • Auger drilling
  • Soil boring
  • Composition studies
  • Contamination samples
  • ...and many other applications

Westar Drilling Ltd can provide test sample for all of the most common forms of environmental drilling, including water, gas, and oil production wells.

Vadose Zone Testing for Water Wells and Other Purposes

While we mentioned water and soil sampling (both common terms), environmental drilling can also be used to locate and take samples from the vadose zone — the point at which subsurface water is at atmospheric (or barometric) pressure.

Vadose zone testing is particularly important in determining the composition, health, and viability of “surficial” or “unconfined” aquifers (aquifers not shielded from an impermeable layer of bedrock and may be contaminated from the surface). These tests are important throughout Central Alberta (and especially in the Edmonton area) as they help determine the composition of the region’s surficial aquifers. Without these types of tests, property owners may unintentionally pollute aquifers, or unwittingly use a contaminated aquifer.

Let's Discuss Your Environmental Drilling Needs

Westar Drilling Ltd. can help you determine the viability of a planned development or production site through our environmental drilling services for Edmonton and Central Alberta. Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients within the region.

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