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What You Need to Know About Your Water Well System Before Purchasing Your Property

There are 3 million people in Canada that use water wells. Even with so many Canadians using a water well system as their primary source for water for their homes, it is not inspected frequently enough. Many times it is up to the owners of the property to do their own research and investigation for the water well system that they use. 

Keep reading on to learn more about water well systems and the benefits of getting yours inspected. 


Importance of Water Well Inspection

Water in your home is something you are going to use every day whether it is for cooking, showering, washing dishes, or drinking and you want to make sure that your water is safe for you and your family. Unfortunately, water wells are not regulated by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and it is your responsibility as a homeowner to check the safety of your water. 

Many harmful substances including metals, chemicals, and bacteria that can get into your home's well and cause you and your family to become very ill.  



Water Quality

The safety of the water should be inspected carefully and samples should be taken to a lab for further testing. The lab will test the water and make sure that is free from harmful bacteria, metals, and chemicals such as pesticides that can get into your well and cause serious health risks. 


Sometimes problems can be detected by smell or taste, but other problems can go unnoticed without specialized lab equipment and advanced testing. 


A thorough inspection of the water should show you the pH levels of the water as well as the acidity or alkalinity of the water. Bacteria should be tested for at the lab also. Various chemicals and minerals that should be check for in the water include:











Water Pressure

Clean water is not the only important aspect of water well systems. The pressure system from the well is important to get tested also. If the water does not have enough pressure then you may easily become frustrated when trying to take a shower or even wash your dishes. 

During an inspection, a flow rate test checks to see how many litres of water is coming out from the well per minute. The minimum flow rate for a home should be approximately 11.3 to 18.9 litres per minute. 


Well water pressure systems usually only last for about 10 years and then need replacing. Westar Drilling can help you check your water pressure system. 



Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling is when drilling is used to collect samples of the ground or soil to study the condition and components in the ground. Westar Drilling understands the importance of drilling and has the equipment and skills to do it. Environmental drilling is important to monitor and help improve the soil live on and the water we drink from.

Some important uses for environmental drilling include:

Soil surveys

Contamination sampling

Groundwater sampling

Soil sampling

Without these measures, we would not know what potentially dangerous water we could be drinking. 



Check the Water in Your Well Today

It is important to know that the water your family is drinking is safe. There may be harmful chemicals in your drinking water and the only way to know if the water is safe is to get it inspected.


Don't let danger be lurking in your water, get it properly inspected. Contact Westar Drilling for water well inspections, repairs, and services today. 



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