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Importance of Monitoring and Maintaining Your Water Well

That's right: wells require maintenance. If you're used to your water being provided as a utility by the city, this might be a new concept for you.

A well is not a utility service. It's an appliance. And, like all your appliances, it requires maintenance to function properly.

More importantly, the consequences of neglecting this maintenance are quite severe. Your tap water could become unsafe for drinking.

Or, you may end up with no tap water at all! Also, maintenance prevents the need for expensive water well repair.

To learn all about the extreme importance of water well maintenance, please read through this guide.

Ensure Proper Function and Avoid Water Well Repair/Breakdown

Again, we all know what happens when an appliance isn't properly maintained. Namely, it stops working efficiently or it breaks down completely.

Now, it's one thing when this happens to your washing machine. Such appliances cost a lot but can be replaced easily enough. 

But your well is a permanently-installed, underground machine. Thus, it is far more difficult and costly to repair.

On the other hand, it's much, much easier to monitor your well and perform the necessary preventative maintenance. This way, you can catch problems early on, before they require expensive/labor-intensive repairs.


Running Water Is Pretty Important

Not to mention, this is the device that allows you to have running water in your home. What would you do without it? Well, we'll tell you.

You'd have to buy all of your drinking water in jugs. And you'd bathe in cold water unless you feel like heating it yourself. Worst of all, you'd need to get an outhouse or start digging latrines.


Your Health Is at Stake

If you neglect the required well cleaning and maintenance, your water will not be safe to drink. And if you don't monitor your well water as often as you should, there's no way of knowing how bad it's gotten. Your water could become essentially poisonous, polluted by E.coli and other dangerous contaminants.

Furthermore, these contaminations typically only happen when you neglect maintenance. And once contamination happens, it's unbelievably difficult to remove.


A Poorly-Maintained Well Can Harm the Environment

There are some environmental issues that can result from improper well monitoring, too. First is soil salination.

Soil salination is where the soil becomes polluted with excess salt, which is deadly to the surrounding plant life. This happens when the water table levels drop.

Another dangerous issue is methane migration. That is, your well may become contaminated with methane, a very flammable gas. No exaggeration, this is literally an explosion waiting to happen.


Remember This Water Well Maintenance Guide

The most important thing to remember is this: these aren't fables. They're real-life situations that can happen to you if you don't maintain your well.

Of course, you don't have to do it alone, nor should you. We, the experts at Westar Drilling Ltd, can ensure your water well maintenance gets done right. We're also qualified to perform any necessary water well repair.

To learn more, check out our water well services information page.



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