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How to Maintain Your Water Well?

Lack of routine maintenance can lead to a change in water quality. It is recommended to have your water tested yearly if you find there’s been a change in taste or smell. It’s also good to have your well shock chlorinated, used to control bacteria. If this is not done, it may reduce your well yield, restrict the water flow, and cause plugging within the equipment. 

Water filtration systems are available at Westar Drilling Ltd in Sherwood Park to ensure the water you collect is safe to drink.

Tips to Preserve Your Water Well

It is essential to keep wells free of harmful bacteria and chemicals. To ensure everything is in order, keep the following in mind:

Don’t Try to Repair Your Own Well

It is advisable to call professional contractors to work on your well instead of doing it yourself. They use specialized equipment, materials and techniques to keep your well operational.

Timely Inspection

Wells are an integral part of any property as they touch all aspects of human civilization such as agriculture and industrial development. Yet, they receive very little attention throughout their life span. Thus, inspection and water testing should be carried out as a standard maintenance procedure to ensure adequate flow, safe and clean water for consumption.

Research Before Getting Your System Serviced

Before you decide to repair, familiarize yourself with the process. A well maintenance check-up includes the following:

A flow test is conducted to determine system output by checking the water levels before and during pumping.

The well equipment is then inspected to assure it meets basic requirements for use.

The water is then tested for coliform bacteria and nitrates.

Finally, a report is delivered explaining the outcomes and recommendations along with lab test results.

Choose Professionals to Repair Your Well

When your well system needs a repair, choose a qualified contractor. There are some aspects to consider while searching for a drilling company. For instance, you must make sure to select a licensed professional. You should know if the service provider has liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect you. Last but not least, the contractor you hire should be familiar with health and safety codes.

Identify Potential Water Contamination Problems

These are important steps for protecting your well:

Yearly Shock Chlorination

Properly tight fitted well cap or lid 

Your well lies 33 ft from a water tight septic tank, 50 ft from a sewage mound, and 165 ft from above-ground fuel storage tanks. There are several other provincial regulations to follow. Ask our experts.

With the right precautions and reliable professionals to help you, water wells can have many benefits.

Advantages of Water Well Maintenance

Since wells are a reliable source of water it is important to keep an eye out for their upkeep requirements. Here are some of the perks of timely maintenance:

Adequate Flow 

Regular care of the well ensures that the flow is consistent and water quality hasn’t changed. 

  2. Clean Water for Consumption

Ask a water testing professional to check for coliform and E. coli population, as they are the most common types of contaminants.

    3. Prolong the Life Span of the Pump

A timely inspection can avoid irreversible damage. Ensure your pressure tank does not get water logged to avoid depletion of the water pump.

If you are planning to get your water well examined in Sherwood Park or surrounding areas, contact us today. Along with water filtration systems, we also offer environmental drilling.


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