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Water wells are considered a great investment for our society. They supply water for residential, industrial and irrigation purposes. An effective monitoring program will identify changes in water levels and water quality before they become serious problems. A drilled or bored well can last up to 30 years or more. When planning for water well drilling, we have got you covered. Put your search for finding a contractor to an end and let us complete your next project.

At Westar Drilling Ltd, we take care of water well services and maintenance in Whitecourt and all surrounding areas. We are registered with ISNetworld® and Avetta (health and safety verification services), and abide by the local safety regulations. For over 30 years, we have been serving clients with quality workmanship. We will assist you in choosing the proper placement for your new water well. Our crew will get the water well drilling work done right. We make sure to investigate and monitor subsurface situations through environmental drilling You can also rely on us for pump sales and specialized services.


Shallow bored wells are the most common wells to go dry. You can tell if it’s drying by the lack of water well yield. The first thing you should do when you notice any warning signs is measure the water level. There are many factors which decrease the water level including types and depth of the well. In this situation, you should check with your service providers about the possibilities of increasing the water quantity or yield. The life expectancy of a well varies and depends on various factors such as:

Local ground water conditions in your geographical location

Lack of maintenance 

Seasonal fluctuations and changes in the aquifer


The lifecycle of a well may depend upon its type of well casing used. PVC casing outlasts steel casing. If you maintain it properly, your groundwater system can last for a long time. Regular inspections and cleaning will help you avoid any problems in the future. Calling professional contractors for this work can save you money and time. However, we do offer a do-it-yourself shock chlorination program to make it even more cost effective for you. You should always remember preventive measures are better than costly repairs. Here are some steps to help you maintain your water well:

Conduct a flow test to find out the level of water

Keep your well cap in good condition

Maintained by licensed professionals

Do not keep hazardous chemicals close to your well

Ensure the top of your well is 16 inches above the surface

Make sure to have some space between your building and water well

Schedule an inspection with the professionals to detect the signs of deterioration or contamination


When you are planning for new water well drilling or servicing your existing well, you should consult our professionals. Find out if your old system can be restored and used again. Talk to our qualified experts and understand how you can avoid the problems with your water well. Call us today to schedule our services in Whitecourt.

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