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Common Problems With Wells

Out-of-service wells may pose potential safety hazards and threats to ground water if not treated properly. There are some common issues that homeowners often face. They are as follows:

• Imperfect Well Cap

A well cap is installed to cover the opening to avoid contamination. If a cap is loose or broken, insects, rodents and surface water can enter the well and contaminate it. The modern well caps, on the other hand, are vermin proof.

• Well Casings Need To Be Above Ground

A well casing exits the surface and extends at least 18” above the ground. The land around the cap must be sloped away to avoid water accumulation. There are many old wells which are buried underground (see well pit diagrams below) and pose a risk of contamination with surface water. An inadequate well casing or annular seal would allow surface water or contaminated groundwater to seep along the outside of the casing and enter the well.

• Contamination from an Unused Well

It is important to understand the risks of contamination to your unused well, as it creates a health risk to both people and livestock. If the old well is not sealed properly, it could contribute contaminants to the aquifer. Some homeowners may install a new well instead of using the old one.

Why Sealing Old Wells is Important

Old bored wells (large diameter) pose an obvious threat to children and small animals due to an improper lid. Some may be covered by dirt, stone or a metal sheet. Although such wells may seem stable, they leave the area open to impurities from rain and floods. The presence of bacteria within the well may leach into an aquifer and pollute nearby wells. This is one of the primary reasons to get old wells sealed.

How to Seal an Old Well

Well-sealing procedures vary depending on type of well, either drilled or bored. To ensure that your water well is sealed properly and effectively, it is wise to hire our licensed professionals at Westar Drilling Ltd.

How Can We Help You

Get in touch with us if you are in need of water well drilling or other specialized services in Spruce Grove and surroundings. To learn more about old wells or our water well drilling process, fill out our online form and we will get back to you. We also offer pump sales and water well maintenance services.


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