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Westar Drilling Ltd. offers emergency services 24/7

Water Well Services

From private homes to industrial spaces, we can drill water wells for your sites.

Well Pumps & Service

Let us help you figure out the proper pumps and power units for your well.

Specialized Services

From grounding holes to dewatering wells, we offer a variety of specialized services.


Dependable Water Well Drilling in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Stony Plain, and Central Alberta

Westar Drilling Ltd. is an established drilling and water well service company abe by all safety regulations. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest level of service and products. With over 35 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of drilling and pressure system applications, Westar Drilling Ltd. understands your specific needs and expectations to complete each project safely and efficiently. We are committed to the professional development of the most precious natural resource — fresh, clean water. Are you looking to install a water well? You can count on us for all services related to water well drilling in Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Whitecourt, Stony Plain, and surrounding areas. To receive an estimate, call us at 780-449-6905 or fill out our online form. We work with residential homeowners, municipalities and industrial clients. 

Our Services 

You can count on us to care for your well without drilling a hole in your budget. We offer a full range of services, including: 


Safe Environmental Practices and
Government Regulations  



We Promote Safe Workplace Environment 


Westar Water Well Drilling Ltd. is dedicated to our employee safety. We do the job right from start to finish, always abiding by government regulations. Our drillers are licensed and highly trained in safety practices. We are Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) certified, meaning that our health and safety management system has met certain rigorous benchmarks. SECOR certification means chances for workplace injury are reduced through continuing safety training of our technicians.  

We do everything we can to reduce the possible negative impacts of drilling, such as air and water pollution and increased erosion and sedimentation. We implement specific measures to make sure that the drilling is environmentally friendly. Discover more about our environmentally friendly drilling methods. Also, you can read about Alberta’s policies to understand the environmental regulations around drilling here.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Well Drilling

How Do I Know If My Property Can Have Water Wells?

Every rural, residential or commercial property in Alberta can have water wells for personal usage. The location, depth and amount of water that can be used from the well are some factors that vary from property to property.

How Long Will My Well Last?

On average, a water well works efficiently for up to 60 years if constructed using the proper equipment and methods.

How Much Water Can I Expect From My New Water Well?

There is no exact way of determining the amount of water that will be obtained until your well is completed. However, research on the existing water wells in your neighbourhood will give you an idea.

How Often Should I Service My Water Well?

Regular maintenance, such as shock chlorination methods,  goes a long way in keeping your well working efficiently for longer.


Understanding Government Regulations &

Our Products

It is important to understand the environmental regulations that govern the work we are going to perform on your property. Read further about Alberta’s policies, discover some of the products we use, view our photo gallery , and investigate our standing in several reliable contractor databases.

Contact Your Trusted Water Well Drilling Company Today 

Westar Drilling Ltd. performs year-round drilling and water well services in Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, and Central Alberta. Contact us to inquire about our water well drilling services and other related services. 

Professional Affiliation

Alberta Water Well Drilling Association
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